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Du Jiahao Meets with Delegation of Shannan City, Tibet

Updated:2018-08-06 09:44:00

  On July 31, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Secretary Du Jiahao met in Changsha with a delegation consisting of the CPC members and Government officials from Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region. It was led by Xu Chengcang, Tibet Autonomous Region Standing Committee deputy director and CPC Shannan Municipal Committee secretary.

  The delegation’s visit to Hunan was out of work relating to the Fourth China-Tibet Tourism and Culture International Exposition and Symposium on Assisting Tibet of the National Industry and Commerce Federation System. During the tour, they inspected some Hunan enterprises, including Hunan New Wellful Co., Ltd and Better Life Group. They also held a promotion conference for attracting businesses and investment.

  Governor Du said that at the beginning of this month, a delegation from Hunan Province has been to Shannan for inspection and study. We will conscientiously implement the decision-making deployment of the CPC Central Committee for assisting Tibet, and always regard supporting Shannan as a major political task and do it as our own affairs, so as to constantly improve the quality and level of counterpart support, and help the development of the Shannan area.

  Deputy Director Xu thanked Hunan CPC committees and governments at all levels for their continuous contributions to supporting and assisting Shannan’s development. He sincerely invited more Hunanese and advanced enterprises to participate in the Fourth China-Tibet Tourism and Culture Exposition.

  Provincial leaders, including Chen Xiangqun, Xie Jianhui, and Zhang Jian, took part in the meeting or attended related events.