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Did China protect environments in ancient times?

Updated:2018-08-07 14:44:17


   China has 4000 years of history on protecting environments.

  Part 1 Positions for environment protection

  4,000 years ago, in Emperor Shun’s reign, there was a position named Yu Guan that is an official for protecting environments as controlling forests and beasts.

  In Qin Dynasty, Yu Guan was in charge of more work such as protecting resources of mountains, wetlands, forests and rivers.

  In Tang Dynasty, the work was enlarged to the range of greening streets, gardens and controlling hunting.

  In Qing Dynasty, Yu Guan’s work included controlling the pottery and metal making, selling leather and beasts, but the most import job was protecting environments.

  You will see that ancient Chinese paid significant attention on protecting environments.

  Part 2 Laws

  Ancient China had many laws and rules for environment protection.

  In Xia Dynasty, “Yu Jin” was the law for no cutting trees in spring, no fishing in summer.

  In Qin Dynasty and Han Dynasty, the law was renamed as “ three prohibitions in spring”: no female beast for sacrifice; no tree cutting; no killing for pregnant beasts and young animals.

  Later, “Tian Lu” the most famous law for environment protection in the Warring States Period had more detailed regulations. It became the model for work of protecting environment for later times.

  Later dynasties of ancient China had many regulations for protecting endangered animals, etc.

  Part 3

  Publicity for environment protection

  Officials’ work for publicity was to let emperors pay attention to environment protection.

  There were stories that smart officials encouraged emperors to be wise ones to protect their forests and land.

  On the other hand, they made well publicity on setting up rules for doing good deeds of saving good environments for later generations.

  Protecting environment is not new in China, now we should work together to make our land green, with clear air and water.