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2018 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program in Changsha

Updated:2018-08-08 15:41:50

2018 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program in Changsha

  Organizer: Advance Art Museum·58 Small Town in Changsha, Hunan, China

  Nature: Public welfare program & open application

  Progress: The first stage of program starts exhibition in August now, including works of three artistsAdam Farcus (US),Eric Scott Nelson (US), andMao Wei (CN).

  Project Introduction:

  2018 A+ Artist In Residence International Exchange Program sponsored by Advance Art Museum and 58 small town, aimed at to the art and the linkage of the new economy, the establishment of national and regional artists and visits and academic exchanges, to further activate the regional ecology of contemporary art. It encourages artists or art groups with independent artistic thinking and breakthrough practice to conduct multiple collision of cultural blending in cities, explore and share artistic practices that meet the spirit of The Times.

  During the reside, the artist shall provide to the Advance Art Museum with the corresponding text and picture materials on a regular basis for the relevant publicity and promotion of the resident project; The artist will hold regular work meetings with the gallery staff to discuss the project progress and implementation. Participants have the opportunity to participate in city visits,studio open presentations, academic discussions, salon lectures or related education communication activities during their stay, as well as the final exhibition display section.


  Provide application opportunities for artists, curators or groups with more than 3 years' experience in art creation or curator experience, independent artistic thinking and breakthrough practice. Artists and curators are mainly in the field of contemporary art creation.

  Resident Program Cycle

  Host Subsidies:

  The arts organization provides for the artist: a free round trip subsidy(Airport or high-speed railway); creative materials subsidies(2000 RMB); Airport or high-speed railway station to host space free shuttle bus; Free studio/accommodation; Free lunch and dinner; Exhibition space and staff support.

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