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Intelligent technologies: Robot band

Updated:2018-09-26 10:46:21

The robot band is formed by five modules of drum set, guitar, Bass, electronic organ and glockenspiel, including 8 GR606 industrial robots, 2 GRS405 SCARA (Selective Copmliance Assembly Robot Arm), and 1 GRS401 SCARA.

Lyric song represented in the form of holographicimage. The singer Deng Lijun, an idol of several Chinese generations. The technology supports virtual digital modeling, real-time motion capture, and immersive stage experience.

This robot beauty, used for companion and entertainment, is actually a virtual life intelligent speaker with the technology of 3D Holographic Laser Projection.

  Link: 智博会·趣科技②丨二次元美女、机器人乐队开Party