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Hunan’s Ten Major Measures for High-quality Development

Updated:2018-10-10 11:01:52

  The Environmental Protection Department of Hunan recently released the Division of Responsibilities Plan for High-quality Development. Ten major measures were issued to enhance high-quality economic development. They include:

  •maintaining the red lines for ecological protection;

  •formulating ‘Three Lines and One List’ (red lines for ecological protection, bottom line of environment quality, upper line of resources utilization, and negative list of environment access);

  •controlling local environmental protection standards;

  •implementing the pollutants discharge taxation policy;

  •improving pollution treatment marketization mechanism;

  •developing emerging industries featuring energy-saving and environmental conservation;

  •enhancing service quality through environment evaluation measures;

  •carrying out relevant requirements of government’s self-targeted reform of streamlining administration and delegating power;

  •strengthening environment supervision and law enforcement; and,

  •forbidding the ‘one-size-fits-all’ phenomenon in the enforcement of law on environment.

  Specific tasks are assigned to relevant departments.

  Any behavior against the law on environment should be severely punished. Between 2017 and July, 2018, 7,214 relevant cases were placed on file for investigation in Hunan. Also, guided by the central and provincial-level environment supervision and rectification, Hunan closed 3,734 poorly managed-polluting-small enterprises. The annual average decrease rate of provincial unit GDP energy consumption was 5.8%.

  Hunan completed 240 rectification projects among the total 254 during the centralized drinking water source area rectification program (It’s organized by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment). The completion rate was 94%, ranking the first place in China.