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China's top securities regulator vows to protect investors' interests

Updated:2018-10-15 14:36:09

  China's top securities regulator vows to protect investors' interests especially those of the small and medium-sized investors, Securities Times reported on Monday.

  China will make efforts to establish an open, fair, just and transparent capital market ecosystem, boosting investors' confidence in capital market's reform and opening-up and regulatory measures.

  Liu Shiyu, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), made the comments at a seminar on investors' suggestions on how to reform, develop and stabilize capital market while investigating in China Securities in Beijing.

  Representative of private equity funds and individual investors shared their analysis on the basic reasons for the downward trend and pressure of A-share market this year.

  They proposed to enhance strategic position of the stock market, deepen reform of State-owned enterprises and perfect basic system, including trading system, to promote stable and healthy development of capital market.

  Liu praised the investors' suggestions and emphasized CSRC will strengthen systematic and instrumental innovations to effectively support development of private enterprises.

  He said China's stock market has hundreds of millions small and medium-sized investors, which is Chinese characteristics. CSRC will always shoulder the mission of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of these investors, and strive to establish an open, fair and transparent capital market environment for them.

  CSRC will also persist in the direction of marketization, legalization and internationalization and continue to promote deepening reform and opening up of the capital market in an all-round way, Liu added.