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Top Ten Hunan Cultural Landmarks Announced

Updated:2018-11-13 14:46:35

Emperor Yan Mausoleum (Photo/ Tong Di at Hunan Daily)

Chairman Mao Zedong Former Residence (Photo/ Correspondent)

Yuelu Academy (Photo/ Gong Zhen’ou)

  Cultural landmarks are a city’s cultural identity. They are symbols of local history and culture. They represent the spiritual homeland for those who live here.

  On November 8, the result of the Selection of Hunan Top Ten Cultural Landmarks in 2018 was announced. They are the:

  Emperor Yan Mausoleum;

  Emperor Shun Mausoleum;

  Laosicheng Site-UNESCO’s World Heritage;

  Yuelu Academy;

  Yueyang Tower;

  Mao Zedong Former (boyhood) Residence and Memorial Hall;

  Liu Shaoqi Former (boyhood) Residence and Memorial Hall;

  Zhijiang Surrender Memorial Hall;

  Hunan Museum, and;

  Changsha Binjiang Cultural Park.

  The selection was organized by the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee Publicity Department, Cyberspace Administration of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, and the Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism.

  The 10-month-long selection process attracted much local, national, and international attention. There were more than 8 million online votes. The event helps enhance Huxiang cultural influence and popularity.

Yueyang Tower (photo/

Changsha Binjiang Cultural Park (photo/

Hunan Museum (photo/