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Hunan, Hong Kong Enhance Sci-Tech, Education Collaboration

Updated:2018-12-04 14:23:33

On November 30, Governor Xu Dazhe, and CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee Chairwoman Li Weiwei, met with a Hong Kong science and education delegation in Changsha. Timothy W. Tong, delegation head and Hong Kong Polytechnic University President, said that he hoped to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation between Hong Kong and Hunan through this event and help promote mutual cooperation to a higher level. (Photo/Zhao Chi Hunan Daily)

  The matchmaking conference themed “Deepening Cooperation and Innovation, Boosting Hunan-Hong Kong Prosperity” was held on the afternoon of December 2, 2018. Both sides signed a number of cooperation projects and reached many cooperation intentions, including:

  -The cooperation framework agreement between Hunan University (HNU) and the City University of Hong Kong (CityU);

  -The Hunan-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Transfer Workstation;

  -The CityU Advanced Structural Materials and Additive Manufacturing and Hunan Technology Transfer Center; and,

  -The Food-grade Active Protein and Polysaccharide Macromolecular Research Center.

  Among them, the HNU-CityU cooperation framework agreement includes:

  -Support each other to send scholars and researchers for academic exchanges;

  -Explore cooperation opportunities;

  -Collaboratively train undergraduates, master, and doctoral students, and jointly support postdoctoral research; and,

  -Joint apply for and undertake research projects in the mainland China and Hong Kong.

  In the Hunan-Hong Kong Science and Technology Innovation Technology Transfer Workstation Project, both sides agreed to:

  -Make full use of Hong Kong's universities, technology industries, talents, and information resources;

  -Take Hong Kong's international advantages to build the Hunan-Hong Kong science and technology information communication and consulting platform, and the Hunan-Hong Kong science and technology innovation talents training, exchange, and technology transfer base;

  -Undertake Hunan-Hong Kong major science and technology exchange and matchmaking activities;

  -Provide and guarantee Hunan's science and technology policy to Hong Kong; and,

  -Realize long-term Hong Kong-Hunan communication in various scientific and technological resources.