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Hunan Foreign Trade in First 11 Months Exceeds

Updated:2018-12-13 16:38:24

The Changsha Customs announced on December 10 that, between January and November, Hunan’s total export and import values were over 270 billion CNY, increasing by 25.8% over last year, and 26.6 billion CNY more than 2017 annual total (over 243 billion CNY). The exports was 174.5 billion CNY, rising 26.3%, while imports was over 95.5 billion CNY, rising 25%. 
Customs data showed that, mechanical and electrical products were major exported goods. In the first 11 months, Hunan exported these kinds of products of more than 75.9 billion CNY, an increase of 17.7%, and accounting for 43.5% of its total exports. The imports of these products exceed 41.8 billion CNY, up 24.4%, and accounting for 43.8% of the total. 
In this year, Hunan vigorously explored international market, and created more growth areas, thus adding strong and fresh impetus to foreign trade development. The total value of Hunan’s foreign trade in the first eleven months surpassed the annual total of last year. The annual target, an annual growth rate of 15%, is in the bag, with only 9.94 billion CNY to be completed.