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Changsha Teenagers Experience Xiangxi Ethnic Minority Culture

Updated:2018-12-13 16:45:23

Youths participate in hoop rolling, a traditional local game.

  The closing ceremony of the Hunan Youth Miao Drum Winter Camp was held in Jishou City, Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture on December 11, 2018. It was a part of the 2018 National Youth Sports Summer and Winter Camps (Hunan Section). Thirty-odd teenagers from Changsha primary schools participated in the 6-day camp.

Learning Miao Drum.

  Jishou, the "Hometown of Miao Drum Dance", has splendid natural landscapes, profound cultural deposits, and unique ethnic customs. It strives to promote cultural tourism, and international exchanges and cooperation on drum culture, through holding international tourism festival.

  The winter camp coaches are local veteran drummers, Miao drum experts, and minority folk sports experts. Miao drum performances and many folk sports were arranged, such as giant step (a game that everyone keeps with unanimous footstep to walk forward), bamboo dance, hoop rolling, shuttlecock kicking, whipping top, and cockfight. Beyond that, the participants enjoyed“Get-together Banquet”, and visited the Aizhai Grand Bridge and Qianzhou Ancient Town. The camp provides an excellent opportunity for teenagers to feel the unique charm of Xiangxi culture.