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Tantou Wooden New Year Paintings Exhibition Held in Changsha

Updated:2019-01-04 14:43:14

The New Year painting "Everything Goes As One Wishes" was released. (Photo/Li Chang)

A zodiac-themed new product release conference of Longhui Tantou Wooden New Year Paintings was held at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Hall, Yuhua District, Changsha on January 2, 2019. During the New Year’s holiday, the hall also launched a Tantou Wooden New Year Paintings exhibition. More than 30 classic New Year paintings were displayed, including “Money and Treasures Will Be Plentiful” and “The Marriage of A Mouse”.

Cultural and creative products of Everything Goes As One Wishes. (Photo/Li Chang)

Portraits of door gods was posted on doors. (Photo/Li Chang)

A visitor is taking photos of the New Year paintings. (Photo/Zhang Jing)