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Huang Lanxiang inspects overseas Chinese affairs in Changsha

Updated:2019-01-07 16:38:05

On the morning of January 3, Huang Lanxiang, member of the Standing Committee of Hunan provincial CPC and Minister of the United Front Work Department of Hunan Party Committee, inspected overseas Chinese affairs in Changsha City and visited the overseas Chinese enterprises and returned overseas Chinese.

Huang Lanxiang first came to Changsha High-tech Zone to listen to the overseas Chinese work report of the high-tech zone, and she discussed and exchanged ideas with some new returned overseas Chinese intellectuals.

The “Homes of Returned Overseas Chinese”in the Changsha High-tech Zone has gathered more than 400 overseas Chinese enterprises, mainly on the fields of electronic information, biomedicine, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection, and advanced equipment manufacturing.

It has attracted more than 10,000 overseas talents, including more than 400 experts from the National “Thousand Talents Program” and Hunan “Hundred Talents Program”. At the symposium, five new returned overseas Chinese intellectuals made suggestions on how to further attract talents, to build a scientific research exchange platform, and to solve corporate financing difficulties.