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2019 Hunan Government Work Report Calls for ‘Golden Ideas’

Updated:2019-01-08 11:56:42

What do you want to accomplish this year? What suggestions would you like to give to the governor? What “golden ideas” do you have for the 2019 Hunan Provincial People’s Government Work Report?

Beginning today and continuing to the end of this year’s Hunan “Two Sessions”, the Hunan Provincial People’s Government portal website, along with major online media in Hunan, will have a program titled “I have ‘golden ideas’-a collection of opinions and suggestions for the 2019 Hunan Provincial People’s Government Work Report”, solicited from the public. (Please click

All are encouraged to participate, share your dreams and contribute your thoughts. Your “golden ideas” will reach the Hunan Provincial People’s Government and the Governor. We appreciate your participation.

I have ‘golden ideas’-a collection of opinions and suggestions for the 2019 Hunan Provincial People’s Government Work Report

The program is intended to listen to public opinions, gather individual suggestions, and address people’s concerns, so that government can better serve the people.

It will center on five key concepts of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Open, and Sharing”, and seek to link essential government efforts and public concerns. There are a total of 27 topics, including medical care, elder care, education, waterways protection, jobs, and the business environment. Each topic relates to an aspect of individual quality of life.

You can get yourself involved through:

You may choose the topics you are interested in and share your “golden ideas” by scanning the QR code below and log on the website through the link above.

Where will your "golden ideas" go?

Those considered most valuable will be given to the group responsible for writing the 2019 Hunan Provincial Government Work Report and will be included in. They may also be given to relevant provincial government departments as important references for thoughtful decision-making. Some may even find their way directly to the governor's desk.

The Chinese saying goes:

He who knows whether a house leaks is under the roof; he who knows what government work misses is among the people.

After “Two Sessions” ends, the program will become a long-term open project called “I have ‘golden ideas’”. The national and provincial governments’ critical work and the need to adjust to the changes will result in timely topics which solicit netizen suggestions so that all can build and share a rich, beautiful, happy, and new Hunan.

Come and share your “golden ideas”!