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Film trailer highlighting family bonds wins praise online

Updated:2019-01-21 11:01:58

Peppa Pig [Photo/]

An upcoming film's trailer has garnered huge attention on China's social media platforms, with many netizens dubbing the short video as the "best commercial video of 2019".

The 5-minute trailer is advertising the upcoming animated filmPeppa Celebrates Chinese New Year, which is set to hit big screens on Feb 5, the first day of Chinese New Year and the first day of the Chinese zodiac's Year of the Pig.

The trailer revolves around the question "Who is Peppa?" and tells a touching story that highlights Chinese families.

The question "Who is Peppa" confuses the senior man in the trailer. [Photo/]

In the beginning, a senior man named Li Yubao living in a remote rural area asked his grandson on the phone what gifts he wanted for the Spring Festival, but only heard the word "Peppa" due to the poor mobile signal. Therefore, the man begins an interesting journey to discover who Peppa is.

With the help of neighbors, the senior got closer to the answer, created a Peppa Pig model using metals and his own intuition, and surprised his grandson.

At the end of the story, the man found out Peppa was a cartoon figure and enjoyed the film with the whole family during the holiday season.

The short video encourages people working outside to come back home often and accompany family members to spend a happy and warm Spring Festival holiday.

"After watching the trailer, I want to go to my hometown immediately. I have not seen my family for almost one year, and I miss them very much," said Sina Weibo user Yu Xiaojia.

"Though it is a short commercial video, I have to say it really touches the bottom of my heart, as family bonds play an irreplaceable role in Chinese people's daily lives," said another Sina Weibo user Fan Xiaobing1924.

Peppa Pig [Photo/]

The storyline of the film was written to directly correlate with Chinese New Year and incorporates some of the hallmarks of the celebration including dragon dancing, making dumplings and traditional Chinese costumes. The Peppa Pig movie will also introduce new characters, the Panda Twins.

The animated film is co-produced by British film and TV company Entertainment One and Alibaba Pictures.

"The Peppa Pig series emphasizes the importance of family values, which will deeply resonate with Chinese audiences," said Zhang Dapeng, director of the film, adding the film is a good opportunity to promote cultural exchange between the East and the West.

Peppa Pig, the television cartoon show that has been a hit with younger children around the world, has taken China by storm since last year. On the internet, the Peppa Pig buzz is even bigger.

Countless memes, jokes and videos have gone viral. People dub it in different dialects, and many have coined slang phrases. It's still a trendy thing to show off your Peppa Pig merchandise.

A wholesome meme featuring "four generations" has also attracted enormous attention in China, and around the world. [Photo/]

Actually, with the Lunar New Year holidays approaching, there is a particular emphasis on reuniting with family and being together with loved ones. After all, family bonds are the most significant thing in Chinese people's hearts.

Several days ago, a wholesome meme featuring "four generations" has also attracted enormous attention in China, and around the world.

In Chinese culture it is common for multiple generations of a single family to live together under one roof.

The "four generations" meme begins with a child walking into a room and calling back to their parent, who in turn walks into the same room and calls back to their parent and so forth until four generations of family members have entered the room.

The meme started from Douyin, China's answer to the popular video app TikTok, and now families from around the world, including the Philippines, India and United States have all shared their own "four generations" videos online.

Many foreign online users have commented that the videos are the most heartwarming ones they have seen in recent years, as it makes them miss their own grandparents, who may have died.

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