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Autonomousrail Rapid Transit put into trial operation in cold conditions

Updated:2019-01-21 16:41:44


Autonomousrail Rapid Transit was accepted the trial operationin in Harbin which is the coldest city of China in winter, according to China CRRC (Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Research Institute Co., Ltd.). The vehicle is independently developed by the company .The vehicle performs well according to the preliminary data.

Autonomousrail Rapid Transit can be charged for 25 kilometers in 10 minutes. It is designed for the maximum speed of 70 kilometers per hour with a minimum turning radius of 15 meters. It has two-way driving at the head and tail, with the characteristics of low investment cost, high capacity and short construction period.

Since June 2017, Autonomousrail Rapid Transit has completed has been tested on roads in cities. In May 2018, after the completion of China's first intelligent line demonstration experience in Zhuzhou, Hunan, it basically have the ability to realize commercial operations. It will enter the operational phase in southern cities such as Yibin and Yongxiu.

国产智轨电车开进“冰城”接受严寒测试 表现良好

中新网长沙1月20日电(刘着之 姜杨敏 陈雅丽)记者20日从中国中车株洲电力机车研究所有限公司(简称中车株洲所)获悉,由该公司自主研发的智轨电车试验车于当天开始在“冰城”哈尔滨的严寒气候条件下接受测试并取得初步数据,整车表现良好。