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Wugaishan Ski Resort opens to the public

Updated:2019-01-25 16:34:42

Parents and children who come to experience skiing can't wait to change into ski suits and snowboarding

to experience.

Snow and clouds covering mountain is a true portrayal of Wuzhou Mountain at an altitude of 1,600 meters

nearby Chenzhou City. There is Wugai Mountain Ski Resort, located in the area of Liangyangping Village,

Wugaishan Town. It is called “the southernmost ski resort in China”. The field is also the nearest

snowfield near Chengzhou, only one hour's drive from the city.

“2019 World Snow Day and International Children's Ski Festival”is launched in Wugaishan Ski Resort.

January 21 is World Snow Day and International Children's Ski Festival. On January 22nd, Luzhou

responded to the advocacy of the International Snow Federation and launched the activity at the Wugai

Mountain Ski Resort. Skiers and teenagers from all over the city gathered in Wujiashan Ski Resort to

enjoy the snowy world and experience the fun of snow sports.