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Hunan Cultural Tourism Projects (Units) Awarded

Updated:2019-01-28 10:48:31

The Annual Meeting of China’s Tourism Industry 2019 was held in Beijing on January 23. It announced the “2018 China Tourism Industry Influence Ranking”. Hunan Province became the biggest winner, with 10 projects (units) selected.

The selected projects (units) included:

Hunan’s Ccultural tourism Eexchanges and cooperation in with the “Belt and Road” countries was included into 2018 China’s Top 10 Influential Marketing Promotion Activities;

Changsha City was honored as 2018 China’s Top 10 Influential Tourist Cities;

Hengyang’s Nanyue District was listed into 2018 China’s Top 10 Influential Tourist Counties (Districts);

Changde’s Taohuayuan Scenic Area was selected as 2018 China’s Top 10 Influential Cultural Scenic Areas;

Yueyang’s Pingjiang County was among 2018 China’s Top 10 Influential Self-driveDriving Tour Destinations;

Hunan Tianyue Mufu Mountain Tourism Development Co., Ltd. was included into 2018 China’s Top 10 Enterprises with Influential Social Responsibility;

College of Tourism, Hunan Normal University, climbed 2018 China’s Top 10 Colleges with Influential Social Practice Project;

Hunan Earth House Technology Co., Ltd., and Yaguang Technology Corporation Ltd. (formerly known as Sunbird Yacht Co., Ltd.), were selected as 2018 China’s Top 10 Influential Tourism Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises; and,

Huirun B&B (located in Kaihui Town, Changsha County) was listed into 2018 China’s Top 10 Influential B&Bs.

From 2015 to 2018, Hunan’s inbound tourists increased from 2.26 million to 3.56 million, an average annual increase of 16.36%. There were 1.863 million inbound tourists from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, accounting for 51.0% of the provincial total. Foreign visitors to Hunan reached more than 1.78 79 million, accounting for 49.0% of the total.

In terms of foreign tourist arrivals, there were 1.079 08 million Asian tourists, accounting for 60.4% of Hunan's all foreign tourists. The main European tourist sources of tourist arrivals to Hunan from Europe grew in an all-round way. The province received 359,000 European tourists, up 22.1% over the previous year and taking up 20.1%. The number of American tourists to Hunan was 184,100, an increase of 17.0% and accounting for 10.3%.

At present, Hunan has basically formed a new pattern of inbound tourism development, led by Asian market and supported by European and American markets. In particular, the inbound tourism of the major tourist sources that opened international routes to Hunan has maintained strong growth momentum.