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Spring Festival activities staged in Changsha

Updated:2019-01-30 11:34:06

  Changsha in Central China's Hunan province has launched a series of colorful activities to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls on Feb 5.

  1. Huogongdian Temple Fair

Spring Festival activities staged in Changsha

  Two foreign visitors learn to make traditional clay figurines at the Huogongdian Temple Fair in Changsha during the Spring Festival in February 2018. [Photo/]

  Huogongdian, a temple to worship the god of fire in ancient times, is now a must-see for those who want to experience traditional folk cultures. A grand temple fair featuring a series of traditional folk activities will be held in Huogongdian on festive occasions, like Spring Festival and Lantern Festival.

  The temple fair will include a lantern show, lion dances, folk performances, and local delicacies, aiming to showcase folk culture to visitors. Attendees can enjoy a one-stop travel experience here, covering dining, leisure, and entertainment.

  Address: 133 Pozi Street, Tianxin district, Changsha

  Key words: Snacks, traditional culture, folk customs

  Time: Spring Festival holiday

  Price: Free

  Transportation: Bus 2, 11, 18, 112, 138, 143, 145, 202, 301, 368, 803, 901 to Former Residence of Jiayi (贾谊故居/Jiayi Guju); or Changsha Subway Line 2 to Wuyi Square (五一广场/Wuyi Guangchang)

  2. Cherry Blossom Festival

Spring Festival activities staged in Changsha

  Cherry blossoms in Bella Town, Wangcheng district, Changsha [Photo/]

  Cherry blossoms are reputed to bring visitors good fortune and happiness for the coming new year. Thousands of cherry trees will be in full bloom during the Spring Festival, providing visitors with an unforgettable travel experience.

  Address: Bella Town, Huangnipu village, Bairuopu town, Wangcheng district, Changsha

  Key words: Cherry blossoms

  Time: Feb 1 to March 19

  Price: 75 yuan ($11.1) for adults; 40 yuan for children and seniors

  Transportation: Bus 219 and N809 to Guangming Village Crossing (光明村路口/Guangmingcun Lukou)

  3. Orange Island park fireworks show

  The annual fireworks show at Orange Island Park is popular with tourists. The musical fireworks will last for 20 minutes. The best places to view the stunning show are Dufu Pavilion, the river banks of Xiangjiang Rode, and the top of Yuelu Mountain.

  Address: Yuelu Mountain and Orange Island Scenic Spot, Changsha city

  Key word: Fireworks

  Time: 20:30- 20:50 on Spring Lantern Festival (Feb 19)

  Price: Free

  Transportation: Changsha Subway Line 2 to Xiangjiang Middle Rd (湘江中路/Xiangjiang Zhonglu)


  1. The scenic spot is under strict temporary traffic control during the show and visitors are recommended to avoiding driving there in case of traffic jams.

  2. The fireworks show will be staged at the same time on May Day and National Day.