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Hunan Government Leaders Highlight Poverty Alleviation

Updated:2019-02-13 17:10:40

February 11 is the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday ended. Hunan provincial leaders started to inspect 20 poorer counties and cities such as Fenghuang, Mayang, Shaoyang, and Lianyuan, according to the unified arrangement of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee. They were Du Jiahao, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee secretary; Xu Dazhe, Hunan governor; Li Weiwei, CPPCC Hunan Provincial Committee chairwoman; Wu Lan, CPC Hunan Provincial Committee deputy secretary; and, other leaders. They visited the people in need and listened to their requests face to face, to learn about the progress of poverty alleviation in these areas, and the weak links in the work. This would help the local authorities to focus on their work and solve the outstanding problems reported by the masses in these areas. “We are willing to better promote the provincial poverty alleviation task and live up to President Xi Jinping’s ardent expectations, to make a satisfactory answer to the CPC Central Committee and the Hunan people,” they mentioned.