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Hunan Electronic Information Industry Exceeds 200 Billion CNY

Updated:2019-02-19 16:43:27

On February 16, the Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province announced that, in 2018, Hunan's electronic information industry maintained a rapid growth and achieved a revenue of nearly 217 billion CNY, an increase of 11.4% over the same period last year.

In Wangcheng Economic Development Zone, Flex Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park PhaseⅡwas in full swing during the Spring Festival. The industrial park was jointly built by Flex Ltd., one of the Fortune 500 companies; and Huawei. It mainly produces smart phone terminals, smart terminal power supplies, as well as network and consumer electronics. Currently there are about 60,000 units produced per day on average at the phase I.

Hunan has witnessed fast development in independent and controllable information security; artificial intelligence; integrated circuits; and intelligent terminals since last year. For instance, an independent controllable industry adaptation base was established in Hunan, and the China GreatWall Technology Group Co., Ltd. developed independent and controllable computer and information security products. Taiwan-based New Kinpo Group’s inkjet project worth 10 billion CNY was launched, marking a breakthrough in Hunan’s consumer electronic equipment.

Currently Hunan is the only IGBT industry base in China. IGBT is the core product in the field of power semiconductors. The Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. achieved a great leap in the field of IGBI from “running after” to “catching up with” international giants. A power semiconductor layout has been forming in Hunan, as Hunan Power Semiconductor Innovation Centre was established.

Hunan leads the country in high-end chip research and development, as well as design. Leading companies such as Goke Microelectronics and Jingjia Microelectronics, were supported by the National Integrated Circuit Fund. Guoke Microelectronics and Powev Electronic Technology launched the Guangwei-Yi series solid state drive (SSD), whose performance has reached the international advanced level; Jingjia Microelectronics achieved a major breakthrough in graphics processing chip JM7200, whose taped-out process and packaging were completed.

Statistics showed that in 2018, Hunan’s electronic information manufacturing industry has achieved an added value of more than 80 billion CNY, a year-on-year increase of 21.6%. It saw an increase of 45.5% in cumulative investment, 13.1 percentage points higher than the average growth of Hunan industrial investment.