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Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner: passing down tradition

Updated:2019-02-19 17:02:57

The ancient town villages, like stars in the sky, are scattering in Hunan province. Like old houses, mountainous and ancient wells have existed for thousands of years, food heritages is special in Hunan's traditional culture. The food of hometown often has a special magic of taking your mind back instantly to your hometown by a plate of simmer meat.

Cooking Mao's simmer meat requires patience. "It will be well cooked beautifully until everything is ready." Just like a ritual, cooking the dish makes every ingredient simmer together with the taste of pork by an hour of time. Calmly waiting for the dish cooked is like enjoying the harvest of the past and the expectation of the future. When the dish was ready, it was served for the New Year's Eve Dinner in Wang Zhimin's family. Wang is an inheritor of traditional Changsha Culture rap which is the rap of traditional Changsha dialect for telling the stories and the history of Changsha City, the capital city of Hunan Province.