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U.S. groom married Chinese girl in traditions of China, Hunan

Updated:2019-02-25 09:56:48


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A traditional and unique Chinese wedding in Hengdong County becomes a wonderful journey for 17 relatives and friends from the United States.


Groomsmen holds Yingqin card for going to bride's home to escort bride, by holding up wedding lanterns and carrying the sedan chair.


Daniel Rosenberg and Qin Lanting, the new couple have been in love for ten years and they enjoy traditional Chinese culture.


The photo shows Chinese bridesmaids and American groomsmen at the bedside, and the wall was adorned with blessing for the well-matched couple and enjoying a harmonious love.

新郎和伴郎团正在通过“爱的保鲜膜”游戏考验。Bridegroom and his groomsmen are playing games.


“This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever witnessed!” “It is a dignified and joyous ceremony. Romance is everywhere in the wedding”“All the ancient traditions are unforgettable!”“An extraordinary experience, an extraordinary trip!" said 17 relatives and friends of the bridegroom from the United States for attending a traditional Chinese wedding in Hengdong County, Hunan Province, February 15.


Groomsmen are carrying the sedan chair for the bride.

洋女婿名叫Daniel Rosenberg ,来自美国华盛顿特区,他要迎娶的是当地的一位美丽女子秦兰婷。

Daniel Rosenberg, the groom from Washington DC, is going to marry Qin Lanting a beautiful girl from Hunan Province.


At the wedding, the bride wore a traditional red Chinese robe with a red veil. The groom held a red satin for leading his bride. According to the traditional Chinese wedding procedure, she crossed the brazier and a threshold, paying homage to heavens and earth and to the groom's parents, and the husband and wife bow to each other. They served tea their parents, and the parents gave them a big red envelope containing money as a gift and bless the couple. The whole wedding process is traditional and romantic, so that the couple, their friends and relatives deeply understand the charm of Chinese traditional culture.

Megan Dry说:“我喜欢婚礼中所有融入仪式中的古老传统。衡东山清水秀,衡东土菜好吃,中国人的热情慷慨让我们舍不得离开!”Trey Cole 感动地说,“这是我见过的最感人的婚礼,喜庆中不失庄重,传统却处处透着浪漫,以后我找到另一半也要举办一场这么美的婚礼!”

Megan Dry one of groom's friend said, "I like all the traditions of Chinese wedding ceremony. Hengdong is a beautiful place; the food is delicious, Chinese are so generous that we don't want to leave here!" Trey Cole said, " It is the most touching wedding, the celebration is dignified and joyous with romance, I will hold a beautiful wedding like this in the future!"

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