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Cultural Inheritance: to Pass it down, Changsha

Updated:2019-02-25 11:42:22

Lots of tourists have visited Changsha Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall, located in the Juzhou Inn of the Orange Isle Scenic Area, since it was opened to public on November 7, 2018. In particular, the second floor of the hall drew attentions from audience by Tan Yingtian and Liu Zhimin the inheritors of paper-cutting art, Zhou Jialin the inheritor of Changsha woven palm fiber, Chen Jincheng the inheritor of dough sculpture, Liu Shangsi craftsman the inheritor of mud calligraphy for plaque making and other folk artists. They not only showed their unique skills, but also patiently kept teaching young people learning the skills; let them feel the infinite charm of the intangible cultural heritage.

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位于橘子洲风景管理区内原橘洲客栈的长沙市非物质文化遗产展示馆,自2018年11月7日正式开馆以来,参观人员络绎不绝;特别是二楼的传习室,更是人流涌动。民间剪纸传承人谭映天 刘志敏夫妇、长沙棕叶编传承人周佳霖、金杵面塑制作技艺传承人陈金成、堆字匾牌制作技艺传承人刘上四等民间艺人不仅现场展示绝活,而且耐心向有心学习的青少年传授技艺,让人们在艺人们的倾心指导下感受非遗文化的无穷魅力。