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China Overseas Public Welfare Foundation received the first public welfare fund

Updated:2019-02-26 17:31:48


Poverty alleviation is a public responsibility. In order to help the poor and to fulfill corporate social responsibility, China National Gold Group Corporation and overseas Chinese Found jointly jointly launched a series of public welfare funds on January 28, 2019. The products are sold at the gold market price and  be repurchased by gold. 5% of the sales profits will be donated to charity organizations for poverty alleviation projects.

A public welfare fund  NO.00001 of gold weighing 1000g, worthing more than 300,000 yuan, was donated to the China Overseas Public Welfare Foundation at 2019 "Overseas Charity Gala" on January 28.

Link: 中国华侨公益基金会获赠“公益金”首个拍品