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[Deputy of Grassroots Level] Zou Bin: Young Deputy and his New Experience

Updated:2019-03-07 10:16:16

编者按:他们来自基层, 带着来自田间地头、工地车间的期盼,奔赴北京参加十三届全国人大二次会议。 这些基层代表平时如何履行代表职责,怎样听取群众意见?红网时刻记者采访了一批来自基层的在湘全国人大代表。

Editor's note: They are cadres from the grassroots level, and they attend the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress in Beijing. Rednet interviews the deputies from Hunan for how they perform their duties and how to listen to the opinions of the masses.


Zou Bin, a deputy to the National People's Congress, arrived in Beijing from Hunan on March 2. As the quality manager of China Construction Fifth Engineering Division Corp..Ltd.,Zouhad a different feeling of being deputy to NPC for the second time.



As a deputy of grassroots level in the construction industry, Zou Bin submitted three proposals during the Two Sessions in 2018, all of which were closely related to migrant workers in the construction industry: his first proposal was to focus on construction workers in the new era; the second was to pay attention to migrant workers for joining building workers' trade union; the third was to strengthen the investment in vocational and technical education.


This year, Zou Bin is most concerned about the training of skilled personnel and the protection of construction workers' rights and interests.


In August 2015, Zou Bin won the prize of masonry project in the 43rd World Skills Competition. It was a breakthrough for the Chinese worker. Then, Zou Bin has won the honors of “National Skilled Worker”, “National Excellent Migrant Worker” and “Hunan Province Labor Medal”.


"China is paying more attention to skilled workers, which is a good opportunity for construction workers." From his own experience, Zou Bin expects more workers to improve their professional qualities and quality awareness through training. More people can become skilled workers in the new era.



Since becoming a deputy, Zou feels busier than before. "deputies to NPC has the responsibility to concern the issues that people care about and stand for them."


During his visits to average workers, I heard that he is a deputy to the National People's Congress. Many migrant workers are looking for him to seek solutions for their problems.


As a new deputy, Zou feels that he has gained a lot after a year of experience.


"My concern in the past was the internal affairs of the construction industry. Now I understand more fields, and I am familiar with the rights of the NPC deputies such as legislation and supervision, and the way of performing duties."Zousaid that he would spend more time to investigate and learn from other deputies, to pay more attention to social changes and to make more proposals.