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[CPPCC members] Bringing Tujia wedding dress for Two Sessions

Updated:2019-03-15 14:03:05



Shi Hong, CPPCC members, is wearing Tujia wedding dress for the national Two Sessions.

3月1日14时许, 住湘全国政协委员石红以全国政协委员的身份第二年来到北京参会,作为湖南省唯一少数民族界别的委员她说:“我要为湘西民族文化和产品代言。”

On March 1, Shi Hong, a member of the CPPCC (the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference), came to Beijing for her second time during the Two Sessions. As the only member of the CPPCC from minority groups in Hunan Province, she said that she wanted to stand for Xiangxi culture and local products.



“这是苗绣丝巾,这是苗绣戒指和手提袋……”打开行李箱,石红如数家珍般地向记者介绍起她从家乡带来的“宝贝”, 这些在湘西经常能够见到的民族文化产品,被她带到了北京,带进了全国两会现场,兴奋与自豪溢于言表。

"This is Miao embroidery silk scarf; this is Miao embroidery ring and handbag..." When she opened the suitcase, Shi Hong showed what she brought from her hometown like her treasures.

Her excitement and pride are beyond words that the cultural products in Xiangxi were brought to Beijing during the Two Sessions.

Link: 身着土家族女儿嫁衣与会 委员石红要为湘西民族文化代言