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HNEG Work Conference Set Goals for 2019

Updated:2019-03-06 10:53:25

The 2019 Hunan Expressway Group (HNEG) Work Conference was held in Changsha on March 4. It was announced that 11 billion CNY will be put into provincial expressway construction projects, and that the Yiyang-Nanxian Expressway was set to be open to traffic.

Xie Lixin, HNEG president, related that in 2018, the provincial expressway reform and restructuring steadily advanced, the operation and management capabilities significantly increased; construction tasks were fully completed; the safety production situation was stable; and, expressway traffic improved.

HNEG set the following targets for 2019:

-11 billion CNY in project construction investment;

-Changsha-Yiyang Expressway expansion and Longtang-Langtang Expressway projects construction;

-Opening the Yiyang-Nanxian Expressway;

-Chenglingji and the Qidong-Changning Expressway projects to make significant progress in the second quarter;

-Jiangbei-Ganshan and Ningxiang-Shaoshan Expressways to start construction in the third quarter; and

-Guanzhuang-Xinhua, Jingzhou-Liping, and Zhijiang-Tongren Expressways to officially start in the fourth quarter.

The “80km/h” speed control and setting boards along 430 km of provincial expressways will be completed this year. Smart expressway construction will be accelerated through a non-stop mobile payment system. Over 60% of all tolls will be paid in a non-cash form. The road environmental governance will be improved and the “toilet revolution” campaign promoted.

This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.