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Rural Vitalization: Beautiful Views of Hunan

Updated:2019-03-15 14:22:36



Based on the strategy of Rural Vitalization, Hunan keeps actively promoting the developments for thriving businesses, pleasant living environment, social etiquette and civility, effective governance, and prosperity for the people.


Roads connect rural areas for better transportation. The photo shows highways in Huaihua, Hunan province.

群山飘玉带,路通百业兴 ——怀化农村公路掠影。图/田文国


The photo shows 600 mu of photovoltaic power station, the beautiful scenery in Gantang Village, Heye Town, Guiyang County, September 18, 2018.

Gantang Village is an area of an old mine. The environment has been seriously damaged in the past 100 years. In recent years, Guiyang County has accelerated the re-greening project and established a 20 MW photovoltaic power station. With an annual output of 19.05 million kWh of electricity, the annual profit is nearly 20 million yuan. People benefit from the environment changes and village collective income.

2018年9月18日,桂阳县荷叶镇干塘村,600亩光伏发电场成了矿山上的靓丽风景。干塘村是一个老矿区,近百年的开采使矿区生态遭到严重破坏,近年来该县加快矿山修复,矿山复绿的同时,还在矿山上建立了20兆瓦光伏发电场,年均发电量1905万千瓦时,每年产生效益近2000万元,既让矿山重现生态美,还增加了村集体收入。 图/欧阳常海


The beautiful scenery of 10 kilometers of distance is like a gallery starting from Yongzhou City on the No.207 National Road to Fujiaqiao Town, Yongzhou City. Zhou's Houses and Xiangu Houses, the traditional houses, are attractive heritages along Shuishui River and Xianshui River.



The photo shows vegetable greenhouses and rice paddies arranged in rows in Wutong Village, like giant piano keys on the earth, August 7, 2018, Guiyang County, Hunan Province.

Guiyang County is a national grain production county and a national model county for agriculture and rural tourism. In recent years, it has cultivated farmers' professional cooperatives and agricultural leading enterprises to build 10 major agricultural industrial bases of flue-cured tobacco, rice, and Chinese herbal medicine. At present, there are more than 700 new types of agricultural management entities in the county, and more than 1 million mu of lands are planted with flue-cured tobacco, rice, and Chinese herbal medicines.

2018年8月7日,桂阳县龙潭街道梧桐村,蔬菜大棚和晚稻规整排列,宛如巨型钢琴键,构成了一幅大地“钢琴”图案。桂阳是全国粮食生产大县、全国休闲农业与乡村旅游示范县,近年来,该县坚持“产业强县”战略,实行一二三产业融合发展,大力培育农民专业合作社和农业龙头企业,打造了烤烟、水稻、中药材等10大农业产业基地。目前,全县有各类新型农业经营主体700多家,发展烤烟、水稻、中药材等100多万亩。图/欧阳常海 肖井冬