Knowing All about Hunan

Slow living in alleys of Changsha, Hunan Province

Updated:2019-03-12 09:48:22

Changsha was listed in China’s top 10 provincial capitals and municipalities on the “Good Life Index”, according to the “CCTV Economic Life Survey 2018-2019”. Changsha City, known as a historical city in China, is full of happiness when you have a glance of average living in alleys.

You may sip a cup of tea in an outdoor teahouse, Yingpan Road, Changsha City.

The photo shows a shopkeeper and her friends, Tianxin Road.

Scooter is going through, Wangfuyuan District.

A dozen senior citizens always gather at a barber shop every day, in Shijiantou Alley.

Mr. Yan loves his bird, in Juhou Alley.

Senior citizens are talking in front of Xiwenmiaoping Archway.

A couple is busy drying their pet, Qingfu Alley.

A stall of Zhongxinyuan Alley

Playing chess is an average activity for years in Majia Alley.