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World's first Ikea complex under construction in Changsha

Updated:2019-03-18 16:33:38

World's first Ikea complex under construction in Changsha

  Construction on Ikea's Changsha's complex project is in full swing. [Photo by Yu Shaojie/]

  The world's first Ikea complex – the Changsha Ikea Livat Complex – is currently under construction and has attracted much attention since construction started in November 2017.

  "Although it rains constantly, construction workers are doing their best to make sure the complex can be available to the public by this September," said Wang Tao, project leader.

  The Changsha Ikea Livat Complex is composed of three sections: a Livat Center for shopping, an Ikea store, and an innovative apartment. The total building area is 400,000 square meters.

  The Livat Center in Changsha will cooperate with around 350 commercial tenants and introduce national and international brands involved in food, fashion, entertainment, sports and education. The innovative apartment is Ikea's first attempt at providing packaged living solutions for consumers. A total of 550 Ikea-style suites will be available as accommodation for young entrepreneurs.

  "Changsha's business environment and service standards are on par with developed cities such as Guangzhou and Shanghai," said Wang. Hunan Xiangjiang New Area is a convenient location with a sustainable development strategy, and it shares the same ideals as Ikea – to improve people's living environment and make the world a better place.

  Ikea will open in the second half of this year, while the Livat Center and innovative apartment will be made available to the public in the latter half of 2020.