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World’s First Intelligent Maglev Track Panel Production Line Starts Production

Updated:2019-03-19 09:55:28

  Recently, China’s domestically-developed intelligent production line for maglev track panel has entered the mass production phase at the Changsha Second Industrial Park of China Railway Construction Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. (CRCHI). It is the first of its kind in the world.

  Currently, it is producing track panels for Guangdong’s Qingyuan maglev tour line.

  On March 13, large robot arms and automated equipment were working at the workshop. The production line is about 500 meters long and about 18 meters wide. It is capable of automatic loading and unloading; conveying and reverse; clamp and position; intelligent numerical control machining; online intelligent detection; automatic coating; and, flexible assembly.

  “The production line filled the gap in the world’s intelligent production of maglev track equipment,” said CRCHI Chairman Liu Feixiang, adding that it has integrated manufacturing processes, IT application of production data, and intelligent control system. It reduces workers’ labor intensity by more than 70% due to the use of advanced processing technology. Product quality is stable and controllable, with a qualified rate of 99%. The processing efficiency is greatly improved, with an annual track panel output of 80 kilometers.

  Chairman Liu said that the 18-kilometer track panel for Qingyuan maglev tour line will be delivered this year. Six kilometers have been completed, 4 of which have passed delivery appraisal.

  Qingyuan Maglev is said to be the first medium-low-speed tourist maglev line in China, and the fifth medium-low-speed maglev line in the world. The first phase main line stretches 8 kilometers. It is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2019.