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Hunan to cut 37 billion yuan of taxes and administrative fees

Updated:2019-04-02 12:10:44


A press conference is held in Hunan Province to implement the policy of the central government to cut taxes and reduce administrative fees.

In 2018, Hunan has reduced various taxes for types of market entities by more than 90 billion yuan, including a new tax reduction of 12 billion yuan. From April 1, Hunan implemented a larger tax cut and fee reduction; according to preliminary estimates, Hunan's estimated tax cuts will exceed 37 billion yuan.

Inspired by new policies such as tax cuts and reductions, the high-quality development of Hunan's economy is thriving, and the real economy is generating new vitality. In 2018, Hunan province's private investment increased by 25.2%, accompanied by newly registered various market entities of 795,000.

Link: 湖南今日起实施更大规模减税降费 预计减税超370亿元