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PV Power Station Helps Shake off Poverty

Updated:2019-04-04 10:29:39

The photo above, taken on March 30, shows the photovoltaic poverty alleviation power station of Baixiao Village, Mensi Town, Zixing City. It has brought in nearly 760,000 CNY of revenue for 9 poorer villages nearby, including Baixiao and Shuinan Villages, since the starting of power generation in June 2017. The 442 PV poverty alleviation projects in Chenzhou City have generated 37 million kWh of electricity and 36.3 million CNY of revenue. The money has been used as funds on public welfare posts and small-scale public welfare undertakings, and incentive subsidies. (Photo/Zhong Lei, Zhu Xiaorong)This article is from Hunan Provincial Government.  Translator: Yu JiangjiangChinese source: