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Overseas Talents Project in Dong'anCounty

Updated:2019-04-09 10:15:57

The activity“Overseas Talents Intelligence Supporting Project” launched in Dong'an County of Yongzhou City, April 3. It invited overseas guests and scholars to make inspirational reports for the students.

Professor Wu Houbin the president of the Hunan Association of the San Francisco Bay Area and Huang Houbin a Chinese-American scientist made speeches to more than a thousand teachers and students in Dongan No. 1 Middle School, on the themes of how to study, how to work, how to behave, and how to achieve a goal. Shared their experiences of study in poverty, they guided students to establish a correct outlook on the world, life and values, and lofty ideals.

Link: 永州市“海外人才智力援乡工程”活动走进东安县