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Yuelu Academy Lowers Ticket Price

Updated:2019-04-09 14:43:45

The Hunan Development and Reform Commission publicized a notice that, from April 15, the Yuelu Academy ticket price will be lowered to 40 CNY/person.

Yuelu Academy (including the Chinese Academy Museum in it) is affiliated to and managed by Hunan University. The amended price is based on Chinese laws on pricing, tourism, public hearing on pricing, and Hunan’s pricing regulations. Costs, public comments, legal survey, and collective reviews were taken into account.

The amended regulation on pricing Hunan’s tourist site tickets and services on April 1 is available in the academy.

Admission is free for:

Children under 14 (14 not included);

Seniors over 65 (65 included);

The disabled, military personnel in active service, and retired officers (with valid documentation); and,

Religious personnel and the working staff (with valid documentation) at the religious sites in the scenic area.

The half-price ticket is provided for:

Children between 14 (14 included) to 18 (not included);

Seniors between 60 (60 included) to 65 (not included); and,

Full-time students in undergraduate or lower education (with valid documentation)

Purchase of tourism insurance is on a voluntary basis.

The notice will put into effect for 5 years from April 15, 2019.

Link:岳麓书院门票价格降为40元/人次 14岁以下儿童免票