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Hunan Geological Museum to Reopen

Updated:2019-04-18 10:21:38


The Hunan Geological Museum will reopen on April 20 after a 16-month upgrade and renovation.

  The renovation, costing about 40 million CNY, started in December 2017, said Hunan Geological Museum Curator Hu Nengyong. The new museum will have six exhibition halls: the mysterious Earth; geological minerals; geological environment; the evolution of life; gemstones; and, geographic information and mapping. The mineral forest and scientific exploration centers are equipped. Visitors can experience interesting experiments in these sites.

  Ten families attended the museum’s “preserving blue Earth, exploring colorful future” activity the other day, and had an early museum visit.

  The mysterious Earth hall showed the vast universe and the Earth that human beings live on.

  A great variety of minerals are on display in the geological minerals hall, presenting Hunan’s abundant mineral resources.

  In the geological environment hall, mud-rock flow and landslide scenes and Hunan’s splendid landscapes inspired the visitors towards environmental protection.

  Dinosaur fossils and models in the evolution of life hall piqued children’s curiosity.

  The gemstone hall amazed visitors.

  The geological information and mapping hall illustrates the development of survey and mapping technology and shows the power of science and technology.

  At its reopening, the museum will arrange a series of activities:

  An original puppet show called “Saving Furong Dinosaur” will be staged at the museum on April 20, 2019.

  Various scientific activities will be organized for primary and secondary school students on April 22, Earth Day.

  Beyond that, scientific activities, lectures, and the 2019 Hunan Youth Astronomy Contest will be launched.

  Address: No.49, Shanmuchong Road (W), Tianxin District, Changsha

  How to get there:

  Bus: Take No. 105 or 915 bus to the Hunan Cultural Department (Sheng Wen Hua Ting) stop, or Hunan Art Center (Sheng Yi Shu Guan) stop.

  Metro: Take Changsha Metro Line 1 to the Hunan Provincial Government (Sheng Zheng Fu) Station


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