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2019 China Space Conference Science Popularization Activities Held

Updated:2019-04-23 15:30:36

  On April 21, the 2019 China Space Conference Science Popularization Activities (Yueyang Sub-venue) kicked off at Dongsheng Primary School in Yueyanglou District. It was a prelude to national youth space science population activities.

  The Yueyang Sub-venue activities aim to inherit aerospace spirit, spread aerospace culture, and promote exchanges and cooperation between China’s aerospace schools.

  They were hosted by the Chinese Society of Astronautics and Hunan Provincial Department of Education.

  Liu Jiaqi, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Deng Ningfeng, director of the China Center for Aerospace Science and Technology International Communications, were present. Twenty-six primary and secondary schools on the site were awarded the title of “National School with Aerospace Characteristics”, and 11 primary and secondary school teachers were awarded the title of “Outstanding Teacher of National School with Aerospace Characteristics".

  Focusing on this year’s theme of "pursue space dream for win-win cooperation", a variety of events were held at Yueyang sub-venue. There is no distinction between heaven and earth. What is the next step after landing? That will be the field of the geological research teams," said Academician Liu Jiaqi. He shared his three Arctic expeditions and two Antarctic expeditions with more than 200 primary and secondary school teachers and students. He briefed them about fantastic scenery, lively animals, rich mineral resources of Arctic and Antarctic, and the development history of Chinese expedition team. His vivid stories made the students have an initial impression of the distant and unfamiliar polar regions.

  Schools play a vital role in cultivating innovative talents in the aerospace field. How do schools with aerospace characteristics educate students based on their core quality? How to inherit aerospace spirit through micro-videos, and music and art platforms? These issues were later discussed at a seminar on the construction of national schools with aerospace characteristics. The seminar was attended by many experts in the field of aerospace and education, and presidents and teachers of aerospace schools. They shared practical experience of space education, explore the coordinated development model between space schools, and promote the sustained and innovative development of space education.