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Forum on China Aerospace Science and Tech Education Held in Changsha

Updated:2019-04-26 14:34:35

  The 3rd President Forum on China Aerospace Science and Technology Education was held in Changsha on April 23. More than 400 people from across the county attended, including principals or presidents from over 200 well-known universities, and middle and primary schools, and aerospace experts and scholars. They discussed issues like aerospace training for teenagers.

  A lunar probe for teaching use is on display. (Photo/Wang Haohao)

  Bao Weimin, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said that, after a journey of more than 60 years, China aerospace has formed an independent and complete monitoring and supporting system for the design, development, production, test, and launch of space models. It leads the world in several key technical fields. He hoped to use the China Aerospace Science and Technology Education Alliance as a platform to unite middle and primary schools, colleges and universities, and aerospace research institutes to cultivate more aerospace talents.

  Formula cars on display. (Photo/Wang Haohao)

  A model of China’s lunar rover on display. (Photo/Wang Haohao)

  Ge Xiaochun, chief engineer of the China National Space Administration, said that the aerospace industry will not develop without the strong support of talents. The cultivation of aerospace talents should be started from the young generation. Aerospace science and technology education should be continuously strengthened.

  The establishment of the “China Space Day” aims to remember the aerospace history; inherit the aerospace spirit; inspire people, especially the youth, to respect and promote science, explore the unknown, and dare to innovate; and, gather strength for the realization of the Chinese dream - Chinese nation’s great rejuvenation.

  The forum was hosted by the Chinese Society of Astronautics, the China Space Foundation, the Hunan Provincial Department of Education; and undertaken by Hunan University and the China Center for Aerospace Science and Technology International Communications.