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Video: Foreign students fall love with China in Hunan

Updated:2019-05-06 16:36:37



At Hunan Agricultural University, there are a group of college students from different countries with different cultural backgrounds. They came to learn science and technology for building their hometown.


Aldashev Niyazbek, a 23 years old young man from Kazakhstan, has been to Hunan for only one year. He speaks some simple Mandarin. Niyazbek said that his goal is to study agricultural finance and Chinese.


He said that he likes the museums in Hunan and the enthusiasm of Hunan people. He said that in his hometown, some projects aided by the Belt and Road initiative. For example, the Sino-Kazakhstan education cooperation providing scholarships to Kazakh students studying in China.

和贝克相比,萨博算得上是一个“中国通”,他来中国四年零七个月了,基本能流利地说一些普通话,主攻专业是生物信息学。萨博的梦想是通过在湖南农大学习到的农业技术,回国之后建立自己的杂交水稻公司,为祖国尼日利亚提供充足的 粮食保障。

Jibril Sabo, a student from Nigeria, has been in China for four years and seven months. He is fluent in Mandarin and his major is bioinformatics. Sab's dream is to establish his own hybrid rice company after returning to his hometown through the agricultural technology learned at Hunan Agricultural University. The technology of hybrid rice will provide food security for Nigeria.


They fall in love with Hunan. They like local people who are very generous and kind to them, along with Hunan cuisine and Hunan culture. They tried stinky tofu.


They come from different countries, they all fell in love with China in Hunan and they will realize their dreams here.

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