Knowing All about Hunan

With 'best warranty, premium products', Sany dreams big in US

Updated:2019-05-06 16:41:47

  PEACHTREE CITY - China's construction equipment maker Sany has a global reach. Fair distances between its manufacturing bases notwithstanding, "everybody is just a phone call away".

  Doug Friesen, CEO of the Peachtree City-based Sany America in the US state of Georgia, finds it "pretty impressive" as he has never worked for a company like this. He could even reach the Hunan province-based Sany Group's chairman Liang Wengen within 10 minutes, although the two sites are geographically over 13,000 kilometers apart.

  Where Friesen acquires props, Sany takes up responsibilities. Its US subsidiary, starting as a sales and service organization in 2006, has nudged its way through a competitive market.