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2019 International Construction Equipment Exhibition to kick off in May

Updated:2019-05-11 15:06:24


2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition will kick off at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 15 to 18. The exhibition will be held by the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Hunan Provincial People's Government. It is jointly sponsored by China Machinery Industry Federation, Asia Pacific CEO Association, China Construction Machinery Society, Industry and Information Technology Department of Hunan Province, Department of Commerce of Hunan Province, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Hunan Sub-council, Changsha Municipal People's Government.


China is the world's largest market for construction equipment with the most active innovation power; it aims at creating exhibition brands for the world for promoting industrial booming. 2019 Changsha International Engineering Machinery Exhibition takes "Intelligent New Generation Construction Machinery" as the theme, and it is an industry event that integrates international forums, international competitions, technology exchanges of industry frontier and exhibiting global corporations. The total exhibition area is 213,000 square meters, including 108,000 square meters of indoor halls and outdoor 105,000 square meters of exhibition area. 1150 world-renowned corporations of construction equipment will bring their latest technological achievements and new intelligent products to the exhibition;150,000 enterprise representatives and professional visitors will gather in Changsha for the event from all over the world.

Link: 官宣视频 | 2019长沙国际工程机械展5月开幕 1150家企业闪耀亮相