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Hunan's Tea Oil Highlighted at Beijing Expo 2019

Updated:2019-05-07 16:08:52

  The Chinese characters on the Chinese folding fans write that Hunan's oil top China.

  The "Miss tea oil" introduce knowledge of tea seeds and tea oil to the visitors.

  The Hunan Garden, themed "Encountering Hunan-Taohuayuan", has marked out the Beijing Horticultural Expo 2019 during the May Day holiday with its distinctive Hunan cultural characteristics. A group of "Miss tea oil", wearing tea tree-colored Hanfu and holding folding fans that writes Chinese calligraphy "Hunan's tea oil", caught numerous visitors' eyes.

  The Hunan Garden took the opportunity of May Day holiday to promote Hunan’s tea oil brand. A number of visitors were attracted to inquire about its functions.

  Hunan Vice Governor Chen Wenhao, and Hunan Forestry Department Director Hu Changqing, spoke highly of the promotion activity. This May is the "Month of Tea Oil" in the Hunan Garden. In addition to Hunan's gardening and horticulture, its green industries, cultural tourism, and local specialties are displayed.