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Hunan Rural Labor Transfer Employment Increases in First Quarter

Updated:2019-05-07 16:26:18

  There were 170,900 newly-employed transferred rural labor in Hunan in the first quarter of 2019, increasing by 53,900 at a growth rate of 46.07%. It was announced at a symposium on the employment situation analysis in the first quarter recently.

  The provincial total employment of rural labor transfer reached over 15.99 million by the end of this March.

  Hunan government has encouraged farmers to develop rural secondary and tertiary industries, and guide them to obtain employment nearby. It has also motivated rural residents who returned from cities to their hometown, to take their own advantages and strengths to develop advantageous industries. Through contracting, leasing, shareholding, cooperation, and other forms, they have established new agricultural business entities such as family farms, forest farms, rural cooperatives, agricultural enterprises, and agricultural social service organizations.

  At present, there are 714 rural innovation and entrepreneurship parks (bases) in the province, 85,000 service centers founded by rural returnees, and more than 325,000 people returning to rural areas. This has helped 1.92 million rural population employed. And the sales revenue of more than 40 billion CNY has been achieved.