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China-Africa Friendship Center is opened in Changsha, Hunan

Updated:2019-05-14 10:23:08

A China-Africa Friendship Center is opened in Hecun African Cultural Park on May 12, Changsha, Hunan.

On March 15, Chen Xianchun, director of Hunan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism, and Li Xinqiu, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Commerce, went to the China-Africa Friendship Center in Hecun African Cultural Park. As the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo is permanently settled in Hunan, the park will be well constructed for building a bridge between Hunan and Africa.

Hecun African Cultural Park has completed the first phase of the African Sculpture Garden, African Cultural Performance Center, and the center of Cultural Exchange and Training since 2017. The second phase will plan and build projects such as the African Cultural Exhibition Hall and the African homestays. At present, there are 8 Ugandan artists working in the cultural park, and crew will expand to about 30 persons in the future.

Huang Xinyan, who is in charge of the Hecun African Cultural Park, said that the opening of the China-Africa Friendship Center is a pre-heating event for the China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo.

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