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Asian Concrete Construction Forum held at CICEE

Updated:2019-05-17 11:45:39

5月16日,由上海英业展览有限公司,英富曼会展集团主办的“亚洲混凝土学院”在“2019长沙国际工程机械展览会”(后文简称CICEE 2019)现场举办。本次论坛会议邀请“混凝土世界博览会”的特约顾问Rick Yelton及Dean Frank联合有限公司的首席顾问Dean Frank出席演讲。

Asian Concrete Construction Forum was held at the “2019 Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition” (hereinafter referred to as CICEE 2019) on May 16, which was hosted by Informa Exhibitions Group,. Rick Yelton, special consultant of Concrete World Expo, and Dean Frank, the chief consultant of Dean Frank United Co., Ltd. attended the forum and made their speech.


In 2017, China's income of the main business for construction equipment ranked first in the world with 540 billion yuan. China has strong industries for construction equipment manufacturing. Construction machinery industry has become an important force for Hunan to promote the high-quality development of manufacturing.

“亚洲混凝土学院”携手CICEE所举办的“亚洲混凝土学院 - 长沙站”会议论坛现场高朋满座,座无虚席本次“亚洲混凝土学院 - 长沙站”。受到全国十余个省市百名专业学者的青睐与关注。

Asian Concrete Construction Forum attracted a lot of audience and hundreds of professional scholars from more than ten provinces and cities nationwide.

Link: “亚洲混凝土学院”走进CICEE长沙国际工程机械展