Knowing All about Hunan

Animation| Adventure : a South African girl in Hunan and a Chinese guy in Africa

Updated:2019-06-28 08:58:32


From June 27 to 29, the first China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo is held in Changsha city to promote the high-quality development of China-Africa economic and trade cooperation to a higher level. Before the event, Hunan opened the first direct flight to Africa, which set up a new bridge for the cooperation. Suvaniafrom South Africa and Chen Zhaowu from Sany Heavy Industry witnessed the vigorous development of China-Africa cooperation.


Suvania, a 27years old student, began her studies at the Business School of Hunan University four years ago. Suvania believes that the modernization of Changsha City is not inferior to the first-tier cities like Shanghai. When Changsha Metro Line 4 was opened, she witnessed its opening like a fan. In recent years, China-Africa economic and trade exchanges have achieved remarkable results. Through Taobao, she can buy wines from South African. And other African products including coffee, black tea, and oil paintings are very popular in Hunan. The construction of the Kusile power station supported by Hunan has a huge impact on Suvania's hometown, which ends the history of frequent blackouts in the local area.


In Changsha, global products can be purchased at home. Suvaniais amazed by the services of mobile payment. She hopes that South Africa can also have such applications as E’lema and Meituan through the platform of China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo. She also expects more Hunan enterprises and talents to participate in the development of Africa.


Chen Zhaowu, an engineer from Sany Heavy Industry, has the dream of letting the African continent fall in love with products made in Hunan. The 30-year-old engineer started his frequent business traveling between China and Africa since 2012; even his little son hoped that his papa would pack him in his luggage to Africa.


In the past eight years, Chen has participated in a number of major projects in Africa includingMerowe Dam in Sudan, Great Mosque of Algiers, Adama Wind Farm in Ethiopia, and Mombasa Nairobi Railway. At present, Sany Heavy Industry has nearly 100 engineers in Africa, and more than 80% of major projects in Africa are constructed by Sany’smachinery and equipment.


Hunan's hybrid rice, medical assistance, e-commerce platform, and textbooks bring new hopes to Africa.


China-Africa Economic and Trade Expo will be held every two years for a long-term settlement in Hunan province. The exchanges and cooperation between Hunan and Africa will have a brighter future!