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2019 Summer Camps for seeking Chinese roots to open

Updated:2019-07-05 10:54:41


To ensure the successful summer camps for“root-seeking”, a work meeting was held for deploying the work of Hunan Summer Camps, on May 28th. The summer camps are organized by Hunan Provincial Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Xiangtan City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Zhangjiajie City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Yiyang City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Zhangzhou City Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese, Central South University of Forestry and Technology and the College of Chinese Language and Literature in Hunan University the colleges.

The activity includes seven summer camps in Hunan. Each summer camp lasts ten days, and activities of each summer camp including lectures, sightseeing tours, exchanges, visits, etc., in which the learning time is not less than half of the total camp period.

In the content of the lectures includes the Chinese language, Chinese history, geography, calligraphy, martial arts, and other courses with Chinese traditional cultural characteristics.

The sightseeing tours of the camp includes visits for historical and cultural sites, pay attention to the field observation Combined with classroom instruction.

During the summer camps, camp members, residents, and college students will be arranged to interact with each other, for the experience of local folk culture and the communication skills in a new environment.

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