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Hunan Pavilion in Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition

Updated:2019-07-09 15:37:42


The courtyard of the Hunan Pavilion is pretty and distinctive.

It shows the beauty of simplicity, the charm of Hunan Province.

The entrance to the Hunan Pavilion attracted many visitors.

The entrance to the Hunan Pavilion is always crowded.

Tourists visit the Hunan Pavilion at the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition in Beijing, capital of China, July 9, 2019. The artistic environment Hunan Pavilion is created with the special effects of lighting, artificial water mist, and other technical means.

Hunan Pavilion has 100 square meters with the theme of Yuelu Academy, which is located on the 2nd floor of China Pavilion in Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition. It is so popular that it attracts the attention of many visitors.

Environmental protection is one of the characteristics of the Hunan Pavilion. This building and courtyard are constructed without any environmentally harmful materials. All the construction materials and flowers in the courtyard are taken from Hunan, for imitate the scenery of Hunan. After the exhibition, the Hunan Pavilion can be completely dismantled and transported back to Hunan for reconstruction, which perfectly fits the theme of the “Green Life, Beautiful Homeland” of the Beijing International Horticultural Exhibition.