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Du Jiahao inspects flood prevention and disaster relief work in Hengyang

Updated:2019-07-10 14:19:29

,The heavy rains caused floods in some areas of Hengyang city and Zhuzhou city in last days. Hunan provincial flood control and drought relief headquarters upgraded the province's flood control emergency response level from the previous level IV to level III since 8:00 am on July 9. In the afternoon of July 9, Du Jiahao, the secretary of CPC Hunan Provincial Committee, visited the cadres and masses who fought in the front line of flood control and flood prevention in Hengdong County, and he inspected and supervised the flood control and disaster relief work. He emphasized that all departments and party members and cadres at all levels in Hunan province should implement their initial mission with the practical actions of flood prevention and disaster relief, by strictly implementing responsibility for flood control , by putting the people's lives and safety in the first place, by strengthening emergency duty monitoring and early warning, and by strengthening safety hazard investigation on reservoirs,scientific dispatching of materials and teams. The work should be aimed at making all efforts to the safe transfer of people from floods, urban drainage, and emergency rescue, etc.

Link: 杜家毫赴衡阳检查督导防汛抗灾工作