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Video | Flood peak of Xiangjiang River to cross Changsha today

Updated:2019-07-10 16:20:03

According to the Changsha Hydrological Station, the flood peak of Xiangjiang River will cross Changsha City, the capital city of Hunan Province at 18 o'clock on July 10.

Before the arrival of the flood peak, He Li, deputy captain of the Law Enforcement Brigade of the Local Maritime Safety Administration of Changsha City, introduced specific measures for the flood season.

He said the after Hunan province entered the flood season, the law enforcement teams have stepped up its cruising mission, changing from twice a week to once a day.

The cruising mission is mainly divided into three parts. The first part is inspecting of the key section of rivers, including the safety inspection and reminding of the order of the bridges, anchorages, ports, and docks. The second part is investigating the hidden dangers of the river surface and the timely dangers or incidents, such as large floating objects. The third part is carrying out flood prevention and rescuing according to the needs of local governments. The law enforcement teams have cooperated with the People's Government of Tianxin Area to transfer nearly 1,000 residents of Xingmazhou.

For the upcoming flood peak, the Changsha Maritime Safety Administration has prepared a large number of materials,  and all staff is on standby to make adequate emergency preparedness.

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